5 Stunning Living Room Rug Ideas to Transform Your Space

Placing a Living room rug made from 100% New Zealand-grown wool adds textural interest as well as making it feel warm and cosy. There is nothing quite like the soft luxurious feel of wool under your feet after a long day. A wool rug can form a focal point for your space, really tying all the components of your room together.

But what style of rug is best? What colours are on-trend? And what rug is best for a small living room space? These are just some of the big questions you might be asking while looking for inspiration online. We have you covered. This is your ultimate guide to living room rug ideas. Here are five popular rug styles in Australia.

We've also brought in our very own Product Consultant, Lily Ng, to explain how to use a rug in a living room effectively to maximise the aesthetic appeal of your space. Here's everything you'll discover:

The 5 Living Room Rug Ideas That Are Timeless And Suit Every Style
How To Use A Rug In a Living Room: Style Tips From A Top Kiwi Interior Designer

Discover 100% NZ-Grown Wool Rugs For Your Living Room 

5 Living Room Rug Ideas That Are Timeless And Suit Every Style

1. Black and White Living Room Rugs

The Samurai Rug in Pyua White with black edging

For a dramatic and timeless look, opt for a black and white living room rug. These colours creat a classic backdrop that effortlessly complements any design scheme.

Choose from daring geometric patterns or a simple white rug with black edging like in our example above with the Samurai Rug in Pyua White. With a monochromatic rug, you have the freedom to play with colourful accents and accessories in your living room - from cushions to artwork.

Know how to pick the perfect edging for your rug here.

2. Round Living Room Rugs

The round Galet Rug in the shade ‘Sage’

Discover the magic of round rugs for enhancing the look and feel of your living room.

Not only do round rugs create the illusion of spaciousness, but they also soften hard lines and sharp corners for a more welcoming atmosphere.

The principle behind this is Chi in Feng Shui, which is based on energy flow.
A round rug helps create a fluid movement that helps restore Chi and harmony and balance in any room.

Want to know more about round rugs? We promise this guide on How To Make Any Space Look Stylish With A Round Floor Rug is well worth a read. Follow it up by exploring the 5 Classic Round Rug Looks for more inspiration.

3. Bright-Coloured Living Room Rugs

Our Galet wool rug in the colour Sienna

Do you crave colour in your home? Then ditch the neutrals and the monochromes and go for bright-coloured living room rugs to inject energy and personality into your space.

At Bremworth, you have the freedom to customise a natural wool rug in a variety of colours to suit your home's aesthetic. Here are the brightest, most vibrant colours you'll see in our collection.

Dolomite Sage Sienna Indigo

4. Contrasting Living Room Rugs

The Galet Rug in the shade Indigo

Accentuate your furniture and your living room's subtleties with a striking rug that creates contrast and draws attention. You don't always have to pick a rug that matches perfectly – be bold and go for one that stands out! Just look at how well our Galet Rug in Indigo pairs with this living room setting.

5. Modern Minimalist Living Room Rugs

The Levante rug in the shade 'Felucca'

If you're drawn to clean lines, understated elegance, and a sense of tranquillity, a modern minimalist living room rug like the Levante rug in the shade 'Felucca' would be an ideal choice.

Opt for round rugs in white, beige or grey, and pair them with neutral furniture. This sleek colour palette exudes both elegance and calmness, creating the perfect ambience for relaxing and entertaining.

Here are a few of the neutral shades you'll see in our collections.

Parchment Simoon Cambric Surah

How to Use a Rug in a Living Room: Style Tips From A Top Kiwi Interior Designer

We asked Lily Ng, Bremworth's very own interior designer, some of the biggest questions people have when it comes to styling living room rugs. Here's what she had to say;

What is the best colour for a living room rug?

Bremworth designer, Lily Ng, creates a mood board using one of our rug samples together with some décor elements to find the best colour for a living room rug.

The key to selecting the best colour for your living room rug, as Lily says, is to "always choose a colour that you love. If you have a piece of artwork or a favourite sofa or chair- use that as your starting point"

Order samples of your favourite Bremworth rugs online - your first three are free! - and together with the key elements of your room, like the upholstery fabric, create a mood board just to make sure that your living room rug and the rest of the elements look cohesive. Here's Lily explaining how to do that in this video from our Designer Series.

What is the most popular rug colour?

"The most popular rug colour in Australia is similar to carpet- beige and greys. However, for a coloured carpet - green is quite popular as a new neutral. For Bremworth, our most popular rug colours are within our Galet range, in the light grey Dolomite and Sage, a rich forest green.

Dolomite Sage

Should the rug be lighter or darker than the furniture?

"There’s no right or wrong answer for this," says designer Lily Ng, adding that "it fully depends on the furniture you have. If you have a darker piece of furniture, it’s best to opt for a lighter rug. Perhaps find something the same hue and either go lighter or darker.

In saying this, you can also opt for a complementary colour to your room setting". With Bremworth, you can get a bespoke rug that perfectly matches your living room decor.

Should I get a light or dark rug for a small living room?

"Get a lighter colour, as it will brighten up a room and make it appear larger", advises Lily. If you have a small living room, know that the size of the rug is also key for making your space look bigger”

Don't go for a smaller rug thinking it will make the living room bigger; it actually does the opposite. Check out our Ultimate Living Room Rug Placement Guide for more on the best rug sizes for a small living room.

Should the sofa cushions match the living room rug?

According to Bremworth's in-house designer, "It fully depends on your taste and aesthetic. If you find comfort in matching your whole interior, then definitely. However, if you prefer a pop of colour or accent colours, then opt for a different sofa cushion colour for your rug". -mix and match shades to create your own unique look!

And that's it for everything you need to know about living room rug ideas and styling tips. In short, the most timeless rug styles are:

  • Neutral and natural-coloured rugs
  • Round rugs for a Feng Shui vibe
  • Bright-coloured living room rugs
  • Contrasting living room rugs
  • Modern minimalist living room rugs

The key points on how to use a rug in a living room boil down to colour and texture. Think about the other elements in your living room, such as furniture upholstery – and use them to guide you when selecting a rug for your space.

If you still have questions, why not book a complimentary rug consultation with one of our designers, who'll help you pick the right-sized rug for your living room and give more advice on how to fit it in your space? Ready to shop for rugs? Head over to our living rug collection here.