How To Make Any Space Look Stylish With A Round Floor Rug

Round floor rugs are great for creating a focal point in any room and can help make small spaces appear bigger or soften a space with lots of straight lines.

But many of us have never styled a round rug before, so we have put together this guide to help you understand how to use a round rug in your home practically and stylishly.

Here's what we'll unpack:

Let's dive in and start exploring how to use a round rug for the best results!

The Do's and Don'ts of Round Floor Rugs

Where should you place a round rug?

Round rugs are great

  • In living rooms
  • Under round or organically-shaped dining tables
  • In hallways and entrances

But you don't have to stop there - you can also add a circular rug to a bedroom. A small round rug fits nicely under a bedside table, while a large round rug would work well at the end of the bed.

When not to use a round rug

  • In long, narrow living rooms - a round rug would break the space up and emphasise the room's length.
  • Under rectangular dining tables - round rugs only work well with round or uniquely-shaped dining tables.
  • In narrow hallways - a long run would work much better.
  • Under L-shaped couches - the curves of the rug would clash with the sofa's angular line creating an unbalanced look.

Does a round rug make a room look bigger or smaller?

Everyone has that one room they wish was bigger. A round rug is one of the best tricks to create an illusion of more space and size, as they don’t define floor space in the way that rectangular or square rugs do.

Galet Quartz Rug

How do you place a round rug proportionately?

Round rugs deserve the same careful consideration of space and proportion as any other rug. Measure, re-measure, and ensure you get the correct dimensions before going rug shopping.

With Bremworth Rugs, you can customise the size exactly during your checkout!

Here are some guidelines to get it right,

In Living Rooms

  • If you want all the furniture legs to sit on top of the round rug, measure the seating area of your living rooms instead of measuring from wall to wall.
  • If you want the round rug to fill an entire room, measure the space so that the rug sits at least 60cm from the walls.

Explore the living room rug collection here.


In Dining Rooms

The rug should extend at least 60-90cm - beyond the size of the table on all sides to sit proportionately. See our dining room rug collection here.



Round Rug Tips: 3 Ways To Style A Round Rug

At Bremworth, we constantly work with New Zealand's best designers and style consultants to ensure we are creating beautifully designed customisable rugs that are not just on trend but durable enough for a modern home.

Our very own Lily Ng has shared her top three round rug styling tips on how to use a round rug to create a cohesive look in any space.

1. Use a Round Rug To Complement Other Curved Features

Round rugs look great in rooms with a lot of circular furniture or interior design features.

In this beautiful 'Under Pohutukawa' beach house in Piha, our Galet rug in the shade ‘Quartz’ mimics the elegant Octo pendant light above and the amplified curves and slender lines of the Cherner chair to create a seamlessly unified look.


2. Use a Round To Soften Hard Lines

Introduce a round rug to make a room's hard lines and sharp corners feel softer. The principle behind this is Chi in Feng Shui, which is based on energy flow. A round rug helps create a fluid movement that helps restore Chi and harmony and balance in any room.


3. Use a Round Rug To Create a Cosy Nook

A round floor rug creates an inviting space that makes any room feel cosy. Try using it to create a reading nook or a place for your kids to play. This is sure to make the space feel warm and comfortable!

Watch this video with designer Lily Ng to get more of a visual understanding of how to style a round rug.

If you're feeling inspired, browse Bremworth’s online rug store, where you'll find a beautiful selection of rugs of all shapes and sizes made from 100% NZ wool.

Happy styling!