The Art of Rug Placement and Styles: A Guide for Every Room

Wool rugs add a touch of luxury, comfort and sophistication to a room. They can add warmth, texture and colour to every space. However, for their magic to work, it's essential to get the correct placement and style of rug for each room.

At Bremworth, we have been crafting soft furnishings for our customer's floors for over 60 years, and 100% NZ wool is our fibre of choice. By combining innovative designs with the natural inherent properties of wool, we can create rugs perfect for any room.

We know it can be pretty overwhelming trying to choose the right rug for your space. That's why we created detailed guides to show you how easy and effortless it is to place and style round or standard rugs in bedrooms, living rooms, dining areas and hallways.

Embrace the Curves With Round Rug Placement and Styles

Circular shaped wool rug with sitting chair

Round rugs can soften a room's lines to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Current popular rug styles are:

  • Scandinavian-style round rugs - introduces a touch of nordic charm
  • Bright-coloured round rugs - adds vibrant energy to your space.
  • Green round rugs - brings natural tranquillity indoors
  • Minimalist round rugs - provides understated elegance

For correct placement, go to our guide on how to make any space look stylish with a round floor rug.

Lounge in Luxury: Master Living Room Rug Placement and Styles

Your living room should feel like your sanctuary. It's a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy moments of peace. Our living room rugs are lovingly crafted using 100% NZ wool, perfect for amplifying comfort in lounge areas. Elevate your space with these five living room rug ideas:

  • Black and white living room rugs: timeless monochrome elegance
  • Round living room rugs: "adds a playful touch that's perfect for creating cosy conversation nooks
  • Bright-coloured living room rugs: "infuses your space with lively energy
  • Contrasting living room rugs: creates a striking visual contrast
  • Modern minimalist living room rugs: sleek, understated designs that embody contemporary sophistication

Discover the two best ways to arrange a rug in your lounge in this ultimate guide to living room rug placement.

Dining Room Rug Placement and Styles To Eat in Style

A well-chosen rug can add warmth and comfort to your dining room. Style your Bremworth dining room rugs with these delectable ideas.

  • Black and white dining room rugs - monochromatic elegance
  • Round dining room rugs - soften sharp edges to create an inviting ambience.
  • Bright-coloured dining room rugs - add vibrant energy to your dining area
  • Contrasting dining room rugs - a bold, striking conversation starter amidst meals.

Click here to learn how to place a dining room rug in two stylish and practical ways.

Create An Entrance With Hallway Rug Placements and Styles

First impressions leave a lasting impact. Transform your hallway into a grand entrance with these five hallway rug ideas:

  • Black and white hallway rugs: adds sophistication and depth to your hallway decor.
  • Bright-coloured runner rugs: create a dynamic focal point, radiating warmth.
  • Bespoke runner rugs: precisely made-to-measure for a luxury, seamless, tailored fit for your hallway.
  • Contrasting hallway Rugs: Creates a striking visual impact
  • Modern minimalist runner rugs: sleek, clean lines for a contemporary effect

Remember to check out our guide on how to place a rug in a hallway to see a visual placement guide and find answers to questions such as: Where should a runner rug start?

Bedroom Rug Placement and Style Tips for A Tranquil Retreat

Bremworth's premium, sustainable wool bedroom rugs can keep your bedroom warm in winter and cool in summer. Transform your bedroom with these five bedroom rug ideas:

  • Black and white bedroom rugs: a refined bedroom aesthetic that never gets old
  • Bright-coloured bedroom rugs: wake up to a room of vibrant energy and joy
  • Round bedroom rugs: softens angles to make your bedroom feel even cosier
  • Contrasting bedroom rugs: creates a dramatic visual impact
  • Modern minimalist bedroom rugs: understated elegance and sophistication

Browse Bremworth’s wool rug collection, or check out our guide on how to place a rug in a bedroom for two practical and stylish techniques to place a bedroom rug.