Personalise Your Rug



Natural fibre

This rug uses wool fibres which are 100% biodegradable & renewable.

Proudly grown in New Zealand

We only use wool from New Zealand farmers.

Made to last

We only use high quality materials for high performance in your home.

Easy to clean & maintain

Wool is naturally stain resistant. Most spills can be easily removed with water.

Naturally hypoallergenic

Wool fibres are not linked to allergic reactions.

Natural long-lasting beauty

Wool is a naturally resilient fibre which stands the test of time.

Fire resistant

Wool is hard to ignite, slow to burn & self-extinguishing.

Breathe easy

Wool helps to regulate humidity by naturally absorbing and releasing moisture.

Luxuriously soft underfoot

Warm and comforting - wool rugs provide a luxurious sensory experience.