5 Luxurious Modern Rug Styles For Your Home

Modern luxury is all about quality natural materials and sleek design. The soft yet textured nature of wool rugs, made with 100% NZ wool, adds a touch of luxury, warmth and comfort to your space. Here are five exquisite wool rugs from the Bremworth collection to inspire you for your luxurious, modern home.

The Galet Rug

Designed in New Zealand, the Galet wool rug has a gorgeous chunky loop pile design. The distinct yarn construction creates a beautiful texture whilst remaining incredibly soft and comfortable underfoot. You can see it pictured here in 'Shale', a soft-grey neutral colour that will balance your room décor.

The Tussore Rug

The Tussore wool rug features a raw silk-like 'slubbing' effect that appears randomly throughout, creating a unique striated look. It comes in seven timeless neutral shades, including the stunning 'Barberry' pictured here.

The Untouched Rug

Drawing inspiration from the natural world, our Untouched wool rug is a contemporary interpretation of timeless craftsmanship, deliberately emphasising the sensorial journey with its luxurious loop pile. Here, you see it in the shade 'Hushed'.

The Transpire Rug

The exquisite Transpire wool rug pictured in 'Inspire' is destined to leave a lasting impression. Combining meticulous craftsmanship and unparalleled comfort, it is a perfect example of modern luxury. Bremworth gives you the freedom to customise your wool rug in a variety of colours and edging. If you want to know more about edging options, explore our rug edging guide for detailed insights and tips.

The Lisburn Rug

The Lisburn rug has a unique textural design comprising a chunky felted base yarn overlaid with a finer accent yarn to create textural interest in your home. This modern rug exudes elegance and comfort. Crafted using 100% New Zealand wool, it is beautifully soft and incredibly durable. The rug comes in various colours and is seen here in 'Venise', a warm, earthy beige.

The modern luxury of a Wool rug!

The exquisite blend of elegance and refinement you get from a wool rug helps create a calming, inviting space you can enjoy. By combining sleek, minimalist design with premium natural materials, we are able to create rugs suitable for every home.

This interior style is perfect for homes, boutique hospitality spaces, or luxurious offices, as it seamlessly merges comfort and beauty with its simple yet sophisticated aesthetic.

Embrace the Modern Luxury Aesthetic With These 5 Key Elements

When it comes to embracing the modern luxury aesthetic in your home, five key elements come into play. Harnessing these will transport your living space from simple to elegant, all while ensuring a contemporary flair.

  • Clean, simple lines
  • Minimalistic approach
  • Emphasis on functionality
  • High-quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Customisation for individual needs

All these characteristics are represented in the five beautiful rugs shown above and from the rest of Bremworth's luxury rug collection.

FAQs About Styling Modern Rugs

Bremworth consultant and designer Lily Ng shares her insights while answering frequently asked questions about styling modern luxury rugs.

What is the most luxurious material for rugs?

Nothing could be more luxurious than rugs made with 100% NZ wool. Premium NZ wool is biodegradable and renewable, but it's also a brilliant fibre for design innovation and overall performance on the floor. Wool rugs don't just contribute elegance to your home; they also seamlessly meld comfort and durability.

What rugs are fashionable?

According to Bremworth consultant and designer Lily Ng, "Rugs that are not overly patterned, chunky wool with textures and rugs featuring on-trend natural colours" are the most fashionable.

She went on to add, "There’s been a big rise in natural materials and colours - so colours that coordinate with these are very popular at the moment".

How do you protect an expensive wool rug?

Through regular cleaning and vacuuming at least once a week. We also recommend professionally cleaning your rug at least every two years. For more details on this, go to our comprehensive guide on how to clean a wool rug, which has step-by-step instructions and quick video tutorials.

Are there any specific features or designs that make a rug luxurious and modern?

Soft, luxurious and unique" are the features to look out for, Designer Lily Ng says. She recommends Bremworth's felted yarn rugs like the Galet for those looking for luxurious and modern rugs as they boast a beautiful texture, an appealing plushness, and a modern aesthetic.

Understand the Difference: Why Wool Rugs Are Worth the Investment

Here are more reasons to add wool rugs to your modern luxury home:

1. Wool is a proven high-performance fibre that can handle a lot of foot traffic.

2. It's a fantastic thermal insulator that will keep your bedroom warm in winter and cool in summer - it can save you 8-13% on heating and cooling costs*!

*MCNEIL (2016). The Thermal Properties Of Wool Carpets. Agresearch Technical Bulletin.

3. Wool is easy to clean because it's naturally stain and soil-resistant - see how simple it is to clean with our Complete Guide On How To Clean A Wool Rug.

4. It helps make bedrooms quieter and more comfortable.

5. Wool rugs are incredible at absorbing odours from the air.

Bremworth rugs are made with 100% NZ wool that's natural, biodegradable and renewable. It’s also a brilliant fibre for design innovation, easy to customise for different aesthetics, including the contemporary, luxury style. Not only does a wool rug decoratively influence the aesthetics of your living space, but it also lends a deep sense of personal touch. A wool rug isn't just a piece of décor – it reflects your style and taste.

If you still have questions, why not book a complimentary rug consultation with one of our designers, who'll help you pick the right modern rug for your home and give more advice on how to fit it in your space? Or, if you're ready to start looking at rugs, get started by exploring our wool rug collection here.