Mid-Century Rug Ideas For Timeless Interiors

Mid-century style is all about harmonising sleek lines with organic shapes and bold colours, elements that we love bringing into our luxurious collection of wool rugs.

What Kind Of Rug Goes With Mid-Century Modern?

A mid-century modern rug should reflect these characteristic features:

  • Clean lines, including subtle curves
  • Natural materials
  • Bold accent colours
  • Functionality over fuss

Bremworth wool rugs are perfect examples of Mid-Century lines as they are made with 100% natural NZ wool, sleek design and bold colours, which reflect the orientation towards the simplicity and function of the Mid-Century aesthetic. Explore our rug collection here, or keep scrolling to see our favourite Mid-Century rug picks.

5 Five Wool Rugs For Homes With Mid-Century Decor

Galet Wool rug in Sienna in living room

Galet in Sienna

The Galet wool rug, with its luxurious chunky loop wool pile design, not only introduces captivating textures to your flooring but also offers an incredibly plush feel underfoot.

The rug comes in various colours, including the stunning 'Sienna' pictured above. This shade exemplifies the essence of a Mid-Century rug, with a striking copper hue that infuses a sense of warmth into your space. The rounded shape introduces a gentle touch, effectively softening the typically sleek lines of Mid-Century design.


Galet wool rug in sage in living room
Galet in Sage

Our beautiful Galet rug in Sage fits seamlessly into a space with a Mid-Century design look. The lush green shade resembles those seen in nature, a common theme in Mid-Century design.

Sage Galet wool rug in living room

Green pairs exceptionally well with brown in naturally lit spaces. As shown above, the vibrant green hues of our Galet in Sage rug effortlessly complement the rich brown tones of the teak furniture.

Levante in Simoon

Levante is a classic design with a contemporary twist, making it a perfect example of a Mid-Century modern rug. An ideal rug to suit a rustic villa or modern apartment, Levante is displayed here in the shade of Simoon, which is a calming, earthy hue that complements the warm undertones of Mid-Century furniture and decor elements, adding depth and sophistication.

Charmeuse in Clay

The rich, earthy tone and the luxurious texture of our Charmeuse wool rug in Clay blend seamlessly with Mid-Century aesthetics.

Pair it with plants to mimic the hues of nature, hardwood furniture to echo its rustic charm, and geometric accents to maintain the minimalist yet quirky essence of this design era.

Levante in Artifact

The Bremworth Levante wool rug in 'Artifact' is a Mid-Century modern masterpiece. Earthy tones blend with subtle hints of grey and off-white, exuding timeless sophistication.

Handcrafted with premium NZ wool, it offers luxurious comfort and complements a range of materials from teak and other rich woods to more contemporary elements like glass and steel.

FAQs About Styling Modern Rugs Answered By NZ Designer

Bremworth consultant and designer Lily Ng shares her insights while answering frequently asked questions about styling Mid-Century rugs.

What are the best colours to use when styling Mid-Century rugs?

According to Bremworth designer Lily Ng, the best colours to use when styling a Mid-Century modern rug include:

  • Orange and brown
  • Yellows and greys
  • White
  • Greens and warm timber colours

These colours evoke the era's iconic aesthetics, infusing warmth and character into your space. Bremworth can customise these rugs to your specific requirements, allowing you to fit these Mid-Century treasures into your decor perfectly. Here are the colours in our collection that fit the brief:

Simoon Sage Sienna Weka Shale Amber Glow


Is layering rugs still in style in 2024?

Layering rugs is no longer in style in 2024 as people are moving towards simplicity and minimalism, choosing single rug setups. This tendency mirrors the core principles of Mid-Century and minimalist design, favouring function over ornamentation. Bremworth's wool rugs beautifully encapsulate these principles with their understated elegance and high-quality construction.

How do you make Mid-Century modern cosy?

To make Mid-Century modern cosy, Bremworth designer Lily Ng recommends you "introduce a soft, textured wool rug to add a touch of cosiness to your space. It's a good way to mix textures with natural, warm timber colours."

Why Wool Rugs Are Perfect for Mid-Century Interiors

Here are more reasons to add wool rugs to your Mid-Century-themed home:

1. Wool is a proven high-performance fibre that can handle a lot of foot traffic.

2. It's a fantastic thermal insulator that will keep your bedroom warm in winter and cool in summer - it can save you 8-13% on heating and cooling costs*!

*MCNEIL (2016). The Thermal Properties Of Wool Carpets. Agresearch Technical Bulletin.

3. Wool is easy to clean because it's naturally stain and soil-resistant - just see how simple it is to clean with our Complete Guide On How To Clean A Wool Rug.

4. It helps make bedrooms quieter and more comfortable.

5. Wool rugs are incredible at absorbing odours from the air.

Bremworth rugs are made with 100% NZ wool, which is natural, biodegradable and renewable. It’s also a brilliant fibre for design innovation, easy to customise for different aesthetics, including Mid-Century style. With a wool rug, you are not just choosing a piece of décor but injecting your personality into the space and creating warmth.

If you still have questions, book a complimentary rug consultation with one of our designers, who'll help you pick the right Mid-Century modern rug for your home and give more advice on how to fit it in your space. Or, if you're ready to start looking at rugs, get started by exploring our wool rug collection here.